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Six centuries of tradition

Under the protection of Guido Gonzaga, Canon of the Cathedral and Commendatory Abbot of San Benedetto, a small group of hermit monks of the order of San Girolamo (Saint Jerome) founded a monastery in 1420, on a bend in a waterway, the Parcarello, in the vicinity of Mantua’s Lago Superiore.


Over the next few years, the monks of San Girolamo received donations that included, besides the little monastery, a church, land and buildings. The modest religious community continued to enjoy the protection of the Gonzaga, who, over the years, granted concessions and privileges until the end of their dukedom.


In their Mantua hermitage, the monks’ life consisted mainly of prayer and study. Very little changed for the San Girolamo monastery over the next three centuries, until the arrival of the Austrians in Mantua. After ecclesiastical reforms in the 18th century, the monastery was suppressed in 1772.

The farmhouse Corte San Girolamo

The complex subsequently was sold and the church and the convent partly demolished. Marquis Annibale Cavriani, the new owner and one of the wealthiest men in Mantua, radically transformed the site, building a rice mill that still may be seen today.

Lotus flower

In 1806, San Girolamo was ceded to Giacomo Malacarne, who, after a few years, was compelled to sell all of his assets to the Bonoris family. As a result, and especially thanks the last direct descendant, Count Gaetano Bonoris, the estate became a major agricultural enterprise.


When the Count died in 1923, a charitable corporation called the “Bonoris Foundation” took over the property. In 1970, the entire San Girolamo monastery, along with 155 annexed “biolche mantovane” (local units of land), was acquired by the present owners.


And now, although devoid of any monastic traces, the place, which is part of the Mincio Park, still evokes an unexpectedly moving past, where each person cannot help but be touched by the story and the land of Mantua, as honest as its story is long.

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