The charter of values

The charter of values



“Agriturismo San Girolamo, managed with warmth and courtesy, wishes to offer you a quality stay in an unusual place, where the charm of the surroundings makes it possible for you to enjoy a carefully preserved rural environment in peace and quiet. Our concern for a better quality of life is driven by a desire to integrate a traditional system of business values expressed by the company with a social, cultural and environmental value system that prevails inside and outside the company, in order to contribute to more sustainable development.”



The Charter of Values of Agriturismo San Girolamo is a product of the desire of the owners to confer additional value on the company and to involve its stakeholders in company strategies.




The Charter of Values is the document that articulates the main principles that govern the choices and behaviour that Agriturismo San Girolamo adopts in the management of its activity and its relations with its stakeholders.


This instrument of Social Responsibility is intended to serve as a constant point of reference for the company and its stakeholders as they observe the values that it contains. Those in charge, must, in fact, be available to clarify any questionable interpretation of the values articulated in the document and to help anyone concerned to identify the correct behaviour or action to take, since the Charter of Values does not cover every possible eventuality. The Charter, in fact, reiterates the principles that should guide company behaviour and decisions. Anyone who comes to know of behaviour contrary to these principles on the part of stakeholdersor those who should be asked to behave in a manner that does not contravene the values of Agriturismo San Girolamo can and must advise those in charge.


In this context, we stress that no company objective can justify a deliberate violation of the articulated values. Lack of respect for the principles of the Charter will be considered, in the context of a fuller evaluation of the stakeholder, as one of the elements that can compromise relations with the company. The Charter of Values, therefore, must be followed independently of laws or regulations that govern the activity of the company, since it integrates and reinforces the principles reflected in current standards. The observance of these values, moreover, will apply to stakeholders who collaborate with company, independent of the sector and the level of responsibility concerned, since the image and the reputation of Agriturismo San Girolamo depends on the ability of all concerned to respect the values articulated in the Charter.


Agriturismo San Girolamo will modify the Charter of Values together with its stakeholders whenever the activity of the company warrants and/or is modified.




The Charter of Values is intended to:
• articulate shared principles;
• incite collaboration;
• communicate company principles;
• guide company and stakeholder behaviour;
• help to implement the mission;
• inform stakeholders of the importance of adopting social responsible behaviour;
• work in tandem with a forthcoming Ethical Code.




The values of Agriturismo San Girolamo are aiming at:
• determining the loyalty of the stakeholder;
• specifically guiding the choices of the company;
• contributing to the continuity of the company.




The company wishes to recognise the morally valid expectations of stakeholders in order to establish them as stakeholders’ rights.



The company guarantees each stakeholder a quota of reasonably acceptable profits, proportionate to the expectations of each or to the contribution that each has made to the implementation of the company mission. This value is intended to protect the stakeholder from opportunism and reward collaborative behaviour.




Agriturismo San Girolamo works to fulfil its mission, operating in order to meet the expectations of its stakeholders.



The company hopes to incite its stakeholders to invest in organisational, functional and intellectual resources, in order to achieve the best return on investment. The principle of efficiency implies that each stakeholder should have faith in Agriturismo San Girolamo and be ready to provide the best professional quality according to the most demanding standards of each sector and activity. This value, moreover, implies the timely fulfilment of all obligations and the most efficient service.




Conscious of our responsibility as members of the society in which we operate, we foster a company culture that reconciles company strategies with the social, cultural and environmental development of the community in which we live. This commitment to responsibility guides our decisions and daily work and provides direction in the event of disagreement with our stakeholders.
Agriturismo San Girolamo responsibly manages its economic resources and risks, in order to expand its markets, add value to the company and promote the principle of responsibility among its stakeholders.



Listening to our Guests allows us to offer quality service best suited to their needs. Agriturismo San Girolamo seeks value for money when purchasing supplies, without favouritism, in order to protect the interests of the company and encourage suppliers to meet the standards required to provide quality service. Quality is the prime concern of our mission: We work to have a positive corporate atmosphere, and we collaborate with people who, like us, believe in Social Responsibility as a means to improve the quality of life.




Through an ethic of self-regulation, our company seeks to grow in a socially responsible way. Consequently, we are committed to transparent and truthful communication about the company, with respect for the confidentiality of certain information.
Our ethical code prevents us from engaging in any form of unfair competition and commits us to work with respect for standards of safety and environmental protection. Agriturismo San Girolamo works to grow its reputation for trust -worthiness and to encourage its stakeholders to behave in an ethical manner.



Agriturismo San Girolamo pays attention to the needs of its Guests and takes devoted care of the service that it offers.
For us, teamwork is very important, which leads us to choose our collaborators with great care, recognising and accepting differences as resources that contribute to the formation of a team.
Our consideration for minorities, in general, and our concern for social, cultural and environmental causes drive us to encourage actions that promote solidarity and are consistent with our company policy.
The desire to be a company at the service of its Guests, as well asan enterprise conscious of Social Responsibility, makes us aware of the needs of our stakeholders.
With them, we wish to build relationships based on trust, professionalism and achievement of common objectives, with the ability to communicate information of mutual interest in a transparent manner.




We believe that courtesy marks our relationship with our Guests. This value leads us to treat our Guests with warmth and cordiality as we offer motivated and competent quality service and is reflected in the collaborative relationship that we have with our stakeholders.



We consider it important to constantly encourage dialogue and stakeholder participation in the life of the company. Agriturismo San Girolamo wishes to establish lasting relationships with its stakeholders, in order to arrive at actions and solutions that will promote continuous results and grow the value of the company. We invest continuously in the service offered to guarantee quality management, and we are constantly open to new ideas because we recognise the importance of innovation to our continued competitiveness in the market.



Agriturismo San Girolamo intends to remain tied to the territory, preserving our historic, cultural and operating heritage in order to transmit to our stakeholders the trust that is essential to the growth of the company.




The company considers that respect for nature and the ecosystem is fundamental to the survival of man and the planet and encourages its stakeholders to behave in a way that is compatible with protection of the environment. One of the most striking places in the Mantua region, Agriturismo San Girolamo contributes to the development of a more sustainable environment by integrating full respect for the environment into all its strategic planning and daily activities.


The company is committed to sustainable development, so that the use of natural resources will not damage the quality of life today and in the future.



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