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Welcome to Mantua, a UNESCO World Heritage site that will enchant you with its rich artistic, cultural and scenic legacy. A unique city where past history and art are in constant dialogue with the creative language and cultural works of today. Located in the middle of the Po valley, Mantua always has been surrounded by waterways. Its first settlements developed, probably starting with the Etruscans, from the spot that today corresponds to the Piazza Sordello. But it took the Gonzaga, beginning in the 14th century, to provide the cultural and artistic impulse that defines the city today.

Province of Mantua



The website of the Province of Mantua contains important information for citizens, entities and companies and for all the tourists who plan to visit our beautiful city of art. Events, hospitality, art and culture, new project and much more: the site of the Province of Mantua provides all the information that you need, as well as the latest news.

The boatmen of the Mincio River



Excursions to discover the land around Mantua and the river that runs through it, from Mantua, Grazie di Curtatone and Rivalta. Here, the river, which meets Lake Garda on the plain, slows its course, wanders and meanders to form one of the most important wetlands in Italy: the Nature Reserve of the Mincio Valley, an unusual beautiful marshland. If you love nature, if you flee mass tourism, if you want to admire plants, flowers, birds – some of them rare – if you are a bird-watcher, if you love art, consider our proposals for your visit.




The mission of the WWF is to help build a world in which man can live in harmony with nature. It is an ambitious dream. What does it mean, in concrete terms? How does the dream become reality? Economic, material and quantitative growth of the population has a cost for nature and each one of us. Human activity has reached the limit of what our planet can support. The working programme of the WWF aims to meet the challenge, to trace a new route toward sustainability. Our future will depend on global agreements that will establish quotas for sustainable consumption. Our institutions, therefore, will have important choices to make.

Balloon Team



Let the wind transport you, for an unforgettable experience, for a day in the clouds. Together with staff and pilots, participate directly in the preparations.See the balloon slowly fill with hot air until it rises from the ground. Fly in a hot air balloon and touch the sky with your fingers, suspended in the air, then caress the treetops as you float over the fields and water of the lakes and rivers around Mantua.




Sabbioneta, foundation city (urbs condita) built between 1556 and 1591 on the orders of Vespasiano Gonzaga, sits in the centre of the Po Valley. As a small independent state, Sabbioneta, thanks to its advanced defensive structure was mainly a fortress. Two squares were placed assymetrically and apart to constitute the two most important nuclei of the town, around which the most typical buildings were constructed.

San Benedetto Po



The origins of San Benedetto Po date back to the very distant past. In Roman times there probably already was a settlement on the island of Polirone, located between the Po and Lirone rivers (as well as elsewhere on the banks of the Po.) When, in 1007, Tedaldo, uncle of the Countess Matilde, founded the Monastery of Polirone in this place, very few people remained here, gathered around the church dedicated to Holy Mary, Saint Benedict, Saint Michael Archangel and Saint Peter. The splendid monastic complex and the Civic Museum of Polirone are worth a visit.

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